Sharing The Harder Times

Let’s Get Through This Together

Having been a past runner-up and winner of the Stelios Award for Disabled Entrepreneur, I have often said that we can all learn a lot from people in adverse situations. Yet, they still manage to build a new direction, through business, sport, lifestyle and find themselves in a better place.

As we continue through lockdown doing the right thing to keep us safe and the NHS in a position to cope, a new economic reality will emerge. This is where we can share our experiences of trials and endeavour to help show how, against all the odds and in your moments of high anxiety, there are many people and organisations out there to help you through some pretty low points if you reach out.

My own experience tells me that at times you can’t pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, it takes the kindness and support of others to give you a lift or nudge.

Examples of incredible people accomplishing outstanding things:

  • A blind tour guide creating an international travel company.
  • People developing an app for monitoring your mental health.
  • A lifting device for enabling wheel chair users to be lifted in and out of an aircraft seat with some dignity.
  • Oh, and of course a builder who’s registered blind, running and managing a small building company who specialise in home extensions.
There are many examples of individuals who have against the odds created businesses and new directions for themselves!

During this time of uncertainty, we must reach out to those who need it and join together to help during these more challenging and harder times currently going on. At Oliver James Design and Build, we have masses of experience and want to spread positivity through the darker times. Even though it may feel like it is an impossible time, we will get through this. If you wish for help or guidance speak to one of our friendly team members today.