From open plan kitchen diners to a large living room enjoyed by all of the family, home extensions come alongside a wealth of opportunities. Opting to enhance living space provides not only a better lifestyle but also remains one of the leading value-adding home improvement projects. In fact, according to an article published by The Guardian, nationwide statistics have now confirmed that a home extension alone can add up to 20% to the value of your property. So, if you are considering an extension, but are unsure on how to convert the room into extra cash when you move, we have put together a number of ideas that add value to your home.

Top 5 Extension Ideas To Add Value To Your Home

Having specialised in home extensions in Milton Keynes for several years, we recognise the dramatic impact that additional space can have on both your lifestyle and property value. While, of course, the most significant reason homeowners opt for extending is to enjoy more space without the cost of moving, should you decide to sell up, a minimum of 10% will be added to your home’s value. This is ideal in the ever-growing competitiveness of the property market and remains a unique feature that will draw potential buyers towards your home.

An accurate amount on how much value an extension will bring differs based on your property type and location, which can be somewhat tricky to determine. However, the Office for National Statistics has created a useful calculator, which enables you to submit your postcode and extension size to work out the return on investment. This is a fantastic tool if you are designing a conservatory explicitly for its value-adding benefits.

Along with calculating return on investment, it is also vital to consider how you aim to utilise your new space. Due to the complete versatility of home extensions, there are little limitations in terms of what the room can be transformed into. To give you some inspiration, we have put together several ideas to create a functional space that will add significant value to your property, these include:

Open plan home extension

Kitchen Extensions

Kitchen extensions remain one of the most popular ways to enhance living space in a property. As the kitchen is often seen as the “heart of the home”, opting to create a welcoming, family-orientated room is ideal for creating a space where everyone can spend time together. There is nothing quite like good food and even better company, so why not transform your kitchen into everything that you have always dreamed of through an extension?

When planning a kitchen extension, there are many factors to consider, keeping in mind the most important feature of your new space – practicality. While everyone wants a room that is filled with quirky interior design and modern gadgets, ultimately, your kitchen needs to be a space where you can cook and entertain guests with ease. The kitchen will not only need to be filled with all of the appliances that you regularly use, but there also needs to be plenty of space to manoeuvre safely. You’ll also need to factor in whether you would like to incorporate features such as an island breakfast bar, dining area or utilities including a washing machine and dishwasher. For tonnes of useful advice on planning and designing the perfect kitchen extension, take a look at Real Homes!

If you’re not quite swayed towards the idea of a kitchen extension just yet, we suggest heading over to our previous article on the benefits – we promise you’ll adore the idea just as much as we do! Alternatively, if you have made your decision and eager to get planning, do not hesitate to contact our reputable team who specialise in house extensions in Buckingham and the surrounding areas. Along with the design and build of your extension, we can also supply a vast selection of kitchen appliances, including ovens, fridges, dishwashers, sinks and more. Our training with brands such as Samsung means that we have a wealth of knowledge on how to pair your requirements with the ideal appliances to create a stylish yet functional space. Let us know your vision, and we’ll take care of the rest!

White modern kitchen

Extra Bedroom

Adding another bedroom to your property is thought to add up to an extra 15% to its value – as featured in an article by Property Price Advice. While in the past, many assumed that the only way to accommodate an extra bedroom would be to convert a loft or split two rooms into one, this most definitely doesn’t have to be the case. If you plenty of space in the garden, then opting to build an extension which can be used as a bedroom would be ideal. You could even incorporate a small en-suite, which again would further increase the value of your property.

When utilising an extension as a bedroom, it is imperative to factor in any changes to a conventional extension that you will need to make to ensure that the space is comfortable. Although there is no harm in adding lots of windows to enhance natural light, these will need to be accompanied by blackout curtains or blinds to avoid being woken up by sunlight. Many of our clients who choose house extension windows in Buckingham also opt for flat roof styles, which allows them to lie in bed in the evening gazing at the stars or watch the sunrise while snuggled up in the morning!

If you are designing an extension to incorporate an extra bedroom, then we recommend decorating with neutral colours. This remains popular amongst those who require additional space to fulfil the needs of a growing family, as it means that as children grow and move out, the extension can be converted into, for example, a living room without having to decorate. Moreover, should you ever wish to sell up, a neutral space which can be tailored to add a touch of personality will be a sought-after feature for potential buyers. People love being able to see a blank canvas and envision how they will make it their own. For more tips on how to decorate a bedroom, head over to The Spruce.

Grey bedroom

Open Plan Living Space

We must admit, open plan living projects do tend to be some of our favourites as they are a fantastic way to encourage families to spend time with one another. Instead of all spending evenings in separate rooms, each member can eat, rest and play in one welcoming, comfortable space, spending quality time together. The concept really does add the wow factor to any home and is guaranteed to make your property stand out from the crowd should you choose to put it on the market. It is considerably more visually appealing and opens potential buyers up to a world of possibilities. In fact, one of our previous projects for Mr and Mrs Roberts was not only shortlisted for the International Design and Architecture Awards, but it also helped the property to be sold on the first weekend! These lovely clients opted for our expertise in open plan living in Milton Keynes, accompanied by a Wisley style extension and custom-made roof lantern.

Transforming the ground floor of your home into an open plan living space is perfect if you love to entertain guests. Gone are the days where you are shut away in the kitchen away from the fun as instead, you will be in the midst of the conversion, preparing dishes while loved ones relax around the table. You could even consider installing large-scale aluminium sliding patio doors which creates a seamless transition between home and garden, great for hosting BBQ’s in the rare British sunshine. Love Renovate has put together an article on the benefits of open plan living for more information on how you can make the most out of your property.

Wisley home extension

Home Office

As COVID-19 has seen many of us working from home on the dining room table, homeowners are now looking to add an office to their property. Not only is this incredibly convenient for those who wish to work from the comfort of their home but, similarly to the ideas above, can add value when put on the market. In choosing to create a home office using an extension, you are free to design the space from scratch. You will not have to work around the limitations of an existing room and can install, for instance, windows and doors wherever works best for you. You may also want to consider incorporating plenty of storage into the office, which can be purchased from retailers such as John Lewis, ensuring that you can keep the space organised.

As your home office will be a personal space, unlikely to be shared with colleagues, you are given the opportunity to be a little more creative, adding a customised touch to the room. From modern furniture to wall art, there is an abundance of ways that you can inject your personality in your office, creating an enticing space that you enjoy working in each day.

Woman in home

Games Room

While it is not always a conventional room that people consider when having a home extension, it is a great addition to the home for those of all ages. By incorporating a games room into your home, it allows you to create a space for the family to enjoy and socialise with friends without making a mess or getting in the way of others. This is perfect for those with young children as you are able to create a playful space with bright colours and interactive features. For example, we love the idea of adding chalkboards for the kids to create their own wallpaper! Unlike other rooms in the home, the playroom should have bright colours that encourage your children to be imaginative. You can find a host of creative and fun ways to decorate a young child’s games room by heading over to House Beautiful.

The great thing about a playroom is that as your children begin to grow, you can design the room so that it grows with them. An adults games room can have an abundance of relaxing and chilled aesthetics, such as a comfy sofa, bar area and games tables. This helps to create the perfect location for you and your guests to relax out of the way, allowing the rest of the family to enjoy the comfort of their home while you socialise. The additional luxury that you will be adding to your home can also help to improve the value of the property when put on the market. The reason for this is that it adds another functional room on the property that can easily be converted into any room the buyer may wish to incorporate. For example, the new homeowner can choose to keep the room as a games room, or convert it into a dining room, open plan living or additional living room.

playroom in extensions

A Space Filled With Opportunities

Enhancing the size of your property and incorporating an additional room is always going to work towards your advantage when selling up. Potential buyers keep an eye out for any features that make your property stand out from the crowd, and an extension is ideal for showcasing the endless possibilities. Whether you choose to design a large-scale kitchen or an extra bedroom, we can guarantee that an extension will most definitely come alongside a significant return on investment.